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1.  In order to be a "valid" catholic, one must be in union with the Bishop of Rome?

The simple answer to that question is no.  Neither Catholicism or the Catholic faith is limited to one jurisdiction.  The Evangelical Catholic Church is part of the greater autocephalous celebration of the Catholic faith. 

To be a "valid" catholic jurisdiction, one needs to be able to trace their apostolic succession to St. Peter and the apostolic succession of the Evangelical Catholic Church is well documented, especially via our unbroken connection through Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa.

2.  Why did your jurisdiction choose the name "Evangelical Catholic Church?"

In order for us to best answer this question, please permit us to direct you to another web page entitled, "Why the Evangelical Catholic Church is Evangelical"

3.  Why does the Evangelical Catholic Church permit women as deacons, priest and bishops?

We believe in the equality between men and women, therefore we have applied this belief by creating equality in vocations for women.

4.  Does the Evangelical Catholic Church permit married priests?

Yes, it does.

5.  What reforms has the Evangelical Catholic Church implemented?

  • sacramental inclusification.

  • equal vocational opportunities.

  • grants of marital dissolution.

  • increase role of responsibility for the laity.

  • renewed emphasis on academic formation for clergy.

  • family planning.

6.  How does one become a canonical member of the Evangelical Catholic Church?

There are several ways for one to become a member of the Evangelical Catholic Church.

  • infant or adult Baptism.

  • Confirmation.

  • if one has already been baptized through another jurisdiction, one may obtain membership by professing a renewal of baptismal vows



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