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Diocesan Priesthood

The Diocesan Priest lives and works with a certain geographical region known as the Diocese.  All Diocesan Priests receive their pastoral assignments by the Bishop of their diocese.

The Diocesan Priest does not make a promise of poverty, and usually owns their own car and other possessions in order to do their work and live independently.

The primary  work of the Diocesan Priest is preaching the Gospel, offering Mass, anointing the sick and dying, baptizing, celebrating marriages, burying the dead, and consoling those who need their help. Traditionally, the Diocesan Priest is focused on the needs of those in their parish or mission community.

Any Diocesan Priest has the option to marry if they wish. For those Diocesan Priests who are married, their ministry of service should be seen in light of the pre-eminent place of their vocation to marriage and family life. Therefore, the grace of ordination should be regarded as enhancing the grace of the sacrament of marriage, wherein the married couple already witnesses to the presence of Christ in the world.

A diocesan priest makes two promises at ordination:

To pray the Liturgy of the Hours daily.
To respect and obey their bishop.

The Evangelical Catholic Church is looking for drama-free candidates who possess the maturity of being a team co-working serving the People of God.

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