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  Canon Fourteen

Code of Canon Law
of the
Evangelical Catholic Church


Canon 14:  Diocesan Deacons

14.1  Diocesan Deacons are deacons residing and functioning within a canonical diocese assisting the local ordinary.

14.2  Diocesan Deacons are obligated to show respect for the Presiding Bishop of the Church.

14.3  Diocesan Deacons are obligated to show respect and obedience to their local ordinary.

14.4 Unless they have been excused by their ordinary or are impeded by law, all diocesan deacons are obligated to accept and faithfully fulfill the office and duties entrusted to them by their ordinary.

14.5 Since all diocesan deacons are working for the same purpose, they are to be united to one another in the bonds of prayer and collegiality and are to cooperate with one another.

14.6  Diocesan deacons are to acknowledge and promote the mission of the laity within the Church.

14.7 Diocesan deacons are to nourish their spiritual life through the celebration of the Eucharist and through the reading of Holy Scripture.

14.8  Diocesan deacons are obligated to pray the Liturgy of the Hours.

14.9  Diocesan deacons are obligated to make spiritual retreats, to engage regularly in mental prayer and to approach the sacrament of penance.

14.10  Diocesan deacons are obligated to honor and engage in acts of devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary through prayer and in the celebration of her particular Feasts.

14.11  Diocesan deacons are to behave with due prudence in relations to persons who company could be a danger to the sacredness of their obligations and or could lead to scandal of the faithful.

14.12  Diocesan deacons are encouraged to continue their studies and education after their ordinations.


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