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Welcoming Women to the Deaconate and Priesthood

For far too long, Catholic Women have been limited in their vocational choices within Catholicism.  Despite the cries of dedication to the Theology of Social Justice and Peace, women Catholic remain chained within a caste system with little hope of seeing nor experiencing any opportunities to fully realize the gift of their vocations.

The Evangelical Catholic Church - a validly consecrated reformed Catholic faith community wishes to unlock the door of gender prejudice and to permit women their equal opportunity to unconditionally embrace the gift of their vocation to serve the People of God. 

If you are a Catholic woman who believes that she is called to either the diocesan or religious deaconate or priesthood, we invite you to contact us.   

The People of God are in need of dedicated pastors and the locked doors of gender prejudice not only rob women of their vocations, it also deprives the People of God from pastoral and sacramental care. 

The Evangelical Catholic Church takes its consecratory mandate seriously.  We wish to provide unconditional and welcoming pastoral care to the People of God.   

We invite you to visit the vocation page of our website.  You will see that our formation and academic standards is in keeping with the goals and standards of our Church.   

Catholic Women now have a valid sacramental and vocational choice before them. 

We now stand ready to share with you your vocational and sacramental journey.   

So please permit the Evangelical Catholic Church to extend to each of you an invitation to share the gift of your vocation and the gift of your spirituality and the dignity of your self with us.  All you need to do is email us and take the first step in embracing God's call. 

Always know that you are in our prayers and we would be most grateful if you would please remember us in yours.


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Welcoming Women to the Deaconate and Priesthood

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