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Press Release

 Office of Media and Communication

Evangelical Catholic
Diocese of the Northwest

Chicago Illinois 60617-8388
Office: 773-721-5383   Fax: 773-721-2581

 July 30, 2013

 Chicago, Illinois - For Immediate Release


   Bishop Calls for Ecumenical Support

 for the mission of

Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights



Bishop James Alan Wilkowski, Evangelical Catholic Bishop for the Diocese of the Northwest calls upon all people of good will and faith to support the work of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

It is regrettable that another religious jurisdiction has elected to dispense themselves from modeling the example of the Good Samaritan in assisting those who are desperately in need due to the advocacy of the ICIRR for gender common couples to realize marriage equality. The mission and objectives of the ICIRR has been and remains consistent with the theology espoused in the teachings of Social Justice and Peace.

Christ gave us many examples of unconditional love and care for those in need. For any religious jurisdiction to turn their institutional backs towards those who suffer from marginalization and oppression is an act of turning their back on Christ Himself.

Bishop Wilkowski calls upon all peoples to fill the void resulting from this act of marginalization.


William R. Morton
Director of Media and Communication

“A Welcoming Community of Faith Rooted in the Catholic Tradition”





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