"A Welcoming Community of Faith Rooted in the Catholic Tradition"

Encompassing the Northwestern Province of the United States
Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota,
Nebraska, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Alaska.


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Evangelical Catholic
Diocese of the Northwest

Chicago, Illinois
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February 17, 2011 

Chicago, Illinois - For Immediate Release  


Diocese Calls for Reforms
Cook County Indigent Burials 


The Evangelical Catholic Diocese of the Northwest joins with Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart in calling for reforms in the disrespectful practices used by Cook County for the burials of indigent persons.  

Reports that the remains of as many of as 26 infants were buried in the same wooden box at Homewood Memorial Gardens along with assorted unknown limbs and bones, is a callus act of disrespect for the dead and the Diocese calls for an end to such practices. 

The Diocese also calls for the Commissioners of the Cook County Board to consider enacting new ordinances prevents such actions from taking place in the future.


“A Welcoming Community of Faith Rooted in the Catholic Tradition”   


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