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 Canon Twenty Eight

Code of Canon Law
of the
Evangelical Catholic Church


Canon 28:  Clerical Resignation from Church

28.1 Any cleric can petition to leave the Church by submitting a letter of resignation to the local ordinary or competent major religious superior, thus surrendering their clerical faculties from the Church, and all rights, privileges, and honors which they held with their office. Resigned Clerics are bound by Canon 12.25.

28.2 At the time a cleric tenders their resignation, they excardinate and lose all clerical faculties, official positions and association as a cleric within the Evangelical Catholic Church. They former cleric can, if they wish, remain a lay member of the Church if so requested of the Local Ordinary and approved by the Local Ordinary. The former cleric can petition the Local Ordinary to be re-appointed to any position, Board memberships, etc. they once held as a cleric within the Church, but such re-appointments as a layperson is problematic at best and not automatic.


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