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 Canon Twenty Five

Code of Canon Law
of the
Evangelical Catholic Church


Canon 25:  The National Conference

25.1    The Church shall meet annually to discuss and address matters of her needs.

25.2    All clergy, religious and laity of the Church possess canonical rights and privileges to attend.

25.3    The National Conference shall be called by the Presiding Bishop.  If the Presiding Bishop is indisposed to do so, the Vicar-General may be delegated to convene the conference on behalf of the Presiding Bishop.

25.4    The National Conference shall be held in a location most suitable for attendance and participation.  Dates and locations for conference are to be announced and published on or before the First Sunday of Lent.

25.5    The Presiding Bishop shall publish the agenda of the conference one month prior to its meeting.

25.6    The Presiding Bishop shall serve as presider for all sessions of the conference.

25.7    The Presiding Bishop shall appoint a recording secretary to take the notes and minutes at all sessions.   

25.8    Proxy voting is not permitted for those not in attendance.

25.9    Decisions made at Conference are binding upon all canonical members of this Church. The Presiding Bishop is obligated to promulgate and publish the Official Record of the Conference within one month of its adjournment for canonical validity.


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